Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Follow Up

This is to answer my post from August 1, 2010. Things I'm wondering about: -when is she going to come September 2, 2010 -is she really a she Yes she is -will she kick this much when she is no longer in my belly Yes, Katelyn is very active and loves to jump -will I be able to handle the pain Before the epidural it was looking like a no, after the epidural I didn't feel a thing, it was nice -will I want to do this again Haven't decided -is it going to hurt a lot Before epidural yes, after epidural no, after they took out the epidural yes -how do I take care of a baby(almost by myself, because 2 days after my due date Darin starts school and we will only see each other for 2 hours a day) I just feed her, change her, love her, play with her, watch her funniness, smile at her smiles, and laugh at her laughs(Darin is now gone all day long with school and work, no home breaks for him, we look forward to his calls during the day, 2 more weeks of this semester) -what will she look like well, you tell me -will I(we) be able to get her to stop crying Yes, she is pretty good though and doesn't cry much -I hope I can feed her so we won't have to buy formula We buy formula -I hope she will be a healthy, happy baby that turns into a healthy, happy child and adult Katelyn is healthy and happy and I still hope she will be that way throughout her life -how do you raise kids I like what someone commented before, they raise you

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