Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Bunch of Pictures

Fill in your own captions or read mine.

Katelyn sits very still and just watches me cut her nails. "What?" Valentine's cookie cake I made, Yummy.
Her Alabama onesie from Amanda and Megan.
Egg smiley face, what a great way to start the day.
Darin doing a Mexican dance at the Church History Museum.
Me doing a Mexican dance at the Church History Museum.
The Carlton family, we visited them at the new year.
" Wow, we got a Dyson vacuum."
"Oh, it's a kitchen for Katelyn."
Huge marshmallow in Darin's hot chocolate.
The Martin family, visiting at the end of the year. Oh, plus Katelyn.
Hailey in Joseph's hat.
Christmas 2010
"Can I move yet?"


JLMartin said...

I think our girls have a lot of matching clothes. The black and white onesie that we have has a nice yellowish poop stain across the back. :)

Ruth said...

Joseph and Lacey look good with four kids :)

darinangel said...

I think so too.

Sue Ellen said...

I just love all the pictures and can hardly wait for your visit.

Dawn said...

Angel I miss you! I love the pictures and Kaitlyn is getting so big! We will have to get together soon.