Thursday, February 5, 2009


We are moving. After only 4 and a half months in this apartment we are out. The mold has become too much and the ceiling is leaking. Our land lord has not fixed the problems in the 3 months she has known about them, so she has agreed to let us out of our lease. We are packing and looking for a new place to live. We hope to find something in this general area because it is close to our work and Darin's school. Well I guess happy hunting for us. We would love any extra helpers with our move. :)


Sue Ellen said...

Be sure you don't take any of the mold along with you to grow in the new place. Good luck in your hunting.

Dawn said...

When are you planning on moving maybe I can come help

Angel & Darin said...

That would be fun. By the end of the month.