Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Halloween Party!

Hey ya'll, I hope you are having a great time partying. Let me know what you dressed up as. Love,
Aunt Angel


Ruth said...

We will have to post in the morning. It was a little crazy getting ready for bed and it slipped my mind. A lot of things are slipping my mind lately since I am such an old woman these days.

Maryann said...

Hi Alex here, I am farmer boy and I spent 50 minutes last night crying for my mom and fell asleep sitting up.

Hi Dallin here, I am a bumble bee and I am having a lot of fun.

I am Sabrina, the teen age witch. -Sophie.

I am an army man- Zachary.

I am an army man, same thing as Zach-Landon.

I am a dark Ninja, to hide in the dark-Ethan.

I am a clown, and I love it-Makayla.

I am buzz light year, space ranger-Henry.

I Am Woody-Maxi.

I am a zombie doctor-Tyler.

I am Anastastia-Mia bo bea.

I am Spiderman-Chase.

Angel said...

How fun you little monsters.